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Basic eCRF functions

Our platform provides all the basic funcions needed in the majority of studies:

  • Patients anonymity;
  • Randomization to select patients and therapies;
  • Follow-up management
  • Adverse events management;
  • Encryption of sensitive and personal data.

A Single collaborative platform to manage clinical data from studies, registries or cohorts with all project actors

Co-operate with all project actors

Manage EDC ans eCRF easily with simpler and intuitive reporting of clinical data

Our customizable software allows a multi-user and multi-center management. Users can be divided into different groups with distinct permissions, in order to reach a better management of data access. Administrator can activate new centers and users completely by himself. Authentication is made with username and password but can be reinforced with two-factor authentication (2FA). Every log-in is tracked with a specific log.


More consistent data with real-time validation

Data are the real value and we try to handle them in the best way. Our platform saves automatically, you don’t have to click on save button at the end of the work. Each data entry is validated based on validity and consistency-based controls. Assisted compilation helps in the entry phase by guiding the operator with suggestions and controls. Each data modification is traced in the Audit Trail log.

Define alerts and deadlines about electronic case reprot form and electronic data capture to improve patient protocol relevance

Data import and export

Manage your source document verification SDV to improve your remote monitoring

Our platform allows data export in CSV, XML, SQL format. Stats can safety access data in real-time and analyse them with specific software such as SPSS, SAS, QLIK, R. Integration modules are available for: data import and export with HL7 protocol, CSV paths; integration with DICOM viewers, interfacing with PACS systems and other medical equipment.


One service, three platforms

Project and sponsor visibility is a key factor, so our service includes a website presenting the collection and the aim of the project. Then, to ensure a better way of collecting, we also offer a copy of the main platform to allows centres test and train their staff in a secure and isolated environment.

Thanks to our customizable dashboards, get real time reports about EDC, eCRF and eCEC to supervise your projects
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